1. Import and export


It works in exporting Egyptian excellence in marketing products with high quality in international markets while ensuring the quality and accuracy of implementation in accordance with international requirements and standard specifications required by the customer and the importing country .

We also work to provide the Egyptian market with international products known for quality and conforming to Egyptian specifications, by importing them from successful partners in various countries of the world.

The most important products that are provided in the import and export sector (agricultural products - pesticides and fertilizers - agricultural fertilizers - building materials - decoration supplies - production and manufacture of equipment accessories and raw materials - ready-made clothes - office supplies - paper products - new and used auto parts cars. 


2. General supplies 


It works to provide and supply high-quality products that are in line with Egyptian standard requirements through success partners in Egypt and the world at competitive prices in various fields including (foodstuffs - agricultural crops - pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural fertilizers - building and decoration materials - production equipment and supplies - modern irrigation networks and systems ) 



3. Logistics 

We work through major shipping lines (air - marine - land) to provide the best value and the highest levels of safety and security for our customers to ensure that their goods arrive on time and in high quality as well as clear legal procedures through the best specialists in this field 



 4. Land Reclamation

We are working in accordance with the  policy of the aspiring Egyptian state to  increase the agricultural area to reclaim land and develop  agricultural and irrigation methods in agricultural lands to comply with international standards in quality and productivity to meet the needs of the Egyptian and international market of high-quality Egyptian agricultural crops




5. Real Estate 

We are working to provide residential, agricultural and industrial units in different  regions and countries to meet the increasing needs of our customers in the promising  markets, which achieve them with ambitious added values, whether by investing or renting, through different and simple payment systems.





6. Construction 

We are working on building architectural  masterpieces that meet the needs of the various Egyptian real estate market of economic, medium and luxury housing through  projects covering various Egyptian  regions,  relying on the best  building materials and  forearms of men who are well- known for their preference in their specialties and under the  supervision of brilliant minds of the best  engineers